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Custom order - KK

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Custom Horse Hair Urn

Horse Hair Urn - $250

Color added - $25

Name added - $25

12” Urn with lid.  Top will be a grayish purple drippy glaze, horses name will be in a complimentary teal at the bottom.  Horse hair fired on the bottom 2/3.  

All orders must be paid for in advance, and your order will not be started until then. All orders are one of a kind and are made from raw clay. At this time the estimated completion is 8-12 weeks, although I always hope it’s much sooner!  Due to high demand and possible lack of supplies, your order could possibly take longer than expected. Please understand that I want nothing more than to get your pieces to you as soon as possible, but like everything else I’m finding shortages with supplies – so a little additional patience may be necessary.

Shipping is not included in pricing.  You will receive a separate invoice once the piece is packaged and ready to ship. 

Changes are allowed up until the time that I begin creating your piece.

I do not offer refunds. If you have an issue with your piece please contact me and I will gladly discuss options with you, including remaking the entire item. I like happy customers so expect me to go above and beyond on this!

You can send the hair to me at the address below. Please put it in a zip loc bag with your name and the horses name on the outside of the bag.  There is no need to wash the hair.  Please send as much hair as you see comfortable with.  Any unused hair will be returned to you washed and lightly braided. 

Thank you for your order!

Mitzi Shepherd 

3595 Elk River Rd

Billings, Mt 59101